CP+ Yokohama, Japan (Part 1/2)

Ana and I spent Saturday in Yokohama, nerding out with cameras. Here's what we saw:

 The new Nikon mirrorless cameras were available to play with. You could get your nails done while you wait. Who are these cameras marketed towards again? (Note: it says "Girl's Camera" in Japanese.) 

 Yay! A Nikon carousel! This is actually awesome.

Canon wasn't too interesting. Huge lenses, huge line-ups. No pocketable waterproof camera (despite being the first to make an actually good tough camera, the D10 -which I love)... C'mon, make a new one, already! No mirrorless system. A nice large-sensor point-and-shoot with way too many buttons. The C300 is sweet, but then again, I think it'd be hard to make a 16,000USD camera that isn't.

The first lens off the production line, it looks like. This'd be cool street-cred in the photography world. If there was such as thing.

Booth Girls
Of course, like every convention, there were booth girls. The difference? Attendees were never shy with their cameras, and the average attendee had $5000 worth of camera gear on them.

Though, this guy just wanted the legs:

Other Fun Stuff 
Piles of awesome cameras.

Maybe this is the new Canon mirrorless?

These cheap-o digital cameras take about the same quality pictures as my 8-year-old $300 2.0MP HP Photosmart. And these are probably $15 or something. But now I complain about noisy ISO3200 pics. Blargh.

The new (unreleased) Olympus OM-D E-Mini (I secretly snapped a picture!)

This is that "world's smallest digital camera" that keeps making its rounds on the internet. I saw it at Yodobashi Camera last year, too. Kind of a cool novelty.

Neat leather cases, but I have no idea what that weird stuff that they are holding is. Candy?

That new Gizmon Iphone case every loves (but nobody will buy).

Hands down, the greatest thing of the whole show. The camera-plane.
 I was trying to think up some kind of a witty focal-plane joke...

Bling! I want this, because I am classy. Wood paneling, wood paneling.

Overpriced el-cheapo film camera gives me some ideas... I should put art on a camera. And call it art.

Holy cow! A camera-tank. 

The 2012 CP+ show was tons of fun. I bet I'll go next year, especially since tickets are free if you register online beforehand. There wasn't as much swag as I thought there would be. I got a button, a pen and some stickers. I guess it'd be impractical at such a large event. I've always walked away with lens cloths, stickers, lanyards, keychains and whatnot from Edmonton trade shows. 

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