My Health: Exercise

I started with the beginner class of You Are Your Own Gym which is 10 weeks long. I took a week off and then did the next level. This was great as it armed me with the ability to do such a wide variety of body-weight movements with proper form. I consider this my "education in body-weight training." It worked. Now I understand (and love) the basics of body-weight training. I've never been to a gym, nor do I own any equipment.

After 20 weeks, I made my own extremely simple workout "program," here it is:

In truth, I do a lot less than this now. I go indoor rock climbing for a few hours once a week and I do one or two of these exercises each week. This is more of a rough guide for me now.

There are a few other specific workouts that I really like, mostly adapted from elsewhere but some are my own. Here's a sample from my notebook:

I did put together a ghetto "let me up" bar, but you can use a table or some chairs and a bar. I built a pullup bar in my backyard which now gets a lot of use (thanks Al Kavadlo!).

My "Let-me-up" bar. A solid table works, too.

Also, I now have a free-standing pull-up bar that I built in my backyard. I use it all the time. I do all my workouts in my kitchen, backyard, office or a grassy park.

You don't need equipment, a gym or a whole lot of time. Workout a few times a week doing something fun. And then keep doing it.

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