2014 Review: it was okay

I'm thinking 2014 was a pretty good year. Let's see if I can remember some of the stuff I did, in no particular order.

-Witnessed the first sunrise of the year from the top of Jō Yama.
-Watched fireworks from beaches in Japan, Ecuador and Canada. This included carefully sequenced underwater fireworks in Shizunami, unregulated chaos, and a private show, respectively. In total, I probably watched fireworks about a dozen times.
-Ate a borderline irresponsible amount of crabs in both Guayaquil and Dương Đông.
-Replaced my passport twice.
-Bought a car and a motorcycle.
-Drove a rickety open-top 4x4 up a mountain in Quito to the Swing at the End of the World.
-Built many many things out of wood. Multiple tables, boxes, etc.
-Acquired a 5L sausage stuffing machine; stuffed sausages.
-Spit-roasted a suckling pig in my backyard with a homemade contraption.
-Celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the Izu Running Club. And I ran another 1/2 marathon.
-Hung a pre-owned sea turtle on my apartment wall.
-Rick and Morty.
-Made ginger beer and yogurt from scratch (separately).
-Didn't ride a bicycle. Not even once. Weird.
-Rode in boats into a cave in Dogashima, down an Amazonian river in a wood canoe, and around Georgian Bay near a town called Tiny.
-Likely more.


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