2018 Review: it was okay

What a year! Numerous memories! Below are some highlights from 2018.

-Watched the first sunrise from Jouyama then jumped in the ocean
-Did kakizome (海が生きがい)
-Surfed way too many times to count
-Learned to "turn" while surfing
-Went to Okinawa (Aka, Zamami, Geruma, Fukaji and Mokaraku* islands)
-Hung out with Dean and Gabs
-Swam with sea turtles and a venomous sea snake
-Camped, swam and survived a week of crazy wind storms in Niijima
-Saw my two good friends get engaged ocean-side on the pumice sand 
-Snorkeled in Shikinejima (Amazing Nakanoura)
-Relaxed in natural ocean-side Shikinejima baths (multiple)
-Took up yoga and continue to enjoy it
-Took close-up photos of the moon at an event I helped host
-Ran the first "Minami Izu Trail Marathon" 20 km ends with onsen and ise-ebi soup
-Acquired some basic archery skills
-Studied quite seriously for hunting and gun licensing
-Hiked an epic two-day trail (built an impromptu shelter to sleep in, made a fire in extreme humidity)
-Escaped on a mountain-leech-infested (yamabiru) 6 hour downhill hike
-Went to Australia twice
-Re-interior-designed my main living space with a heated kotatsu, Thai cushions and a Moroccan pouf
-Bought the ultimate dream tool kit (astrotools); replaced all my tools
-Put alloy rims and new tires on the Airwave
-Taught Ana how to change tires and oil
-Bought my 4th motorcycle (nc700x)
-Customized it (heated grips, center stand, usb, tool kit, navi, levers and engine guards)
-Made some professional progress steps
-Slept on the sand ocean-side under the stars with nothing at all
-Pulled a giant fishing net out of the ocean with the local community and bbq'ed
-Went to tons of summer festivals
-Continued the Izu English Running Club (Dec. 2018 - 92nd time)
-Met a Belgian-mix beer-making, castle-building, goat-keeping, amazing family
-Did my own and others' taxes after much research
-Started (kinda) a podcast that I hope to launch in 2019
-Made rings from scratch with friends
-Did 108 sun salutations in a row
-Didn't spear a fish... maybe next year
-Undoubtedly a few more things

It was an awesome year. My goals for next year are similar to Woody Guthrie's.


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