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Creativity and Practicality

My resourceful nature and admiration for functionality lead me to a variety of DIY projects, from building furniture to repairing bikes for neighborhood kids. My artistic inclinations guide me towards an eclectic array of creative outlets, encompassing digital animation, children's toys, and more lighthearted creations.




I enjoy making my own tables and chairs, bookshelves and other furniture, as well as restoring and repairing pieces. I've built small toys, learned specific techniques, and acquired a small collection of wonderful old hand-tools.  


Totoro Tuesday

A weekly drawing or animation of a themed Totoro with an accompanying mini-essay for entertainment or educational purposes. Included are historical figures and artwork, cultural, occupational and fictional characters, and specific requests. Since 2021, research and collaboration have been the driving forces behind the success of this project.



Another creative project

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Draw a Classic Armchair in SketchUp

Using 3D design software, I designed a chair based on images and researched standardized or general measurements. This improved my visual sense of measurements by designing from reference only.

I often design real world projects in 3D before building them. This efficiently uses material, ensures correct measurements, and allows viewing the overall proportions.

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