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2011 Was Okay

Whaddup 2011? You were pretty awesome. Let's bullet point!

In no particular order, in 2011, I...

  • Graduated University (BBM)

  • Moved to Japan

  • Felt a big earthquake (my first!) on March 11

  • Ran a full marathon

  • Started a local running club

  • Read about 30 books (not including uni or teacher texts)

  • Toured my Mom around my home area in Japan

  • Became a self-proclaimed egg-cooking expert

  • Got engaged (at the top of a mountain)

  • Climbed that mountain 16 more times

  • Climbed Mount Fuji from zero to 3667 meters in 21 hours

  • Climbed to the top of 4 additional mountains

  • Was featured on 3 of my favorite websites*

  • Became a teacher

  • Made a bunch of things (art, photography, DIY projects)

  • Went to the beach too many times to count

  • Paid off all debts (and have salubrious savings)

  • Learned the word salubrious

I was an awesome year. My goals for next year are similar to Woody Guthrie's.


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