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2012 Was Okay

This time last year I made a list of stuff I had done in the previous year. I liked it, so I'm doing it again this year. Anyway 2012, you were pretty awesome. Let's bullet point!

In no particular order, in 2012, I...

  • Watched the first sunrise of 2012 hit Mount Fuji from the top of my favorite mountain.

  • Wrote my first Japanese test (results pending)

  • Ran another half-marathon

  • Maintained my running club

  • Ran 200km in one month

  • Ran 50km in one day

  • Hiked too many times to count

  • Barbecued too many times to count

  • Adventured by train too many times to count

  • Jumped into too many rivers, lakes and oceans to count

  • Grew a beard

  • Bought a motorcycle (and did motorcycle adventures, of course)

  • Organized a Comic Jam in Japan

  • Created copious art pieces, filling numerous sketchbooks and canvases

  • Switched jobs

  • Took up rock climbing again

  • Did pistols and a bunch of other stuff

  • Built a secret wilderness cookout shelter

  • Ate fugu (blowfish), whale, and a large variety of other wonderful animals

  • Significantly improved my ability to cook eggs (and everything else, too)

I had an awesome year. My goals for next year are similar to Woody Guthrie's.


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