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2013 Was Okay

Because plagiarism is flattery, and consistency is next to godliness, I'm doing the same thing that I did in 2012 and 2011. Here's my list of bullet points generally starting with verbs from this past year:

  • Watched the first sunrise from my favorite mountain top

  • Moved into a new apartment with a garden

  • Relaxed in hammocks

  • Embraced all things good about the sun

  • Became passionate about my health (more so than ever)

  • Kept up with my running club (though completely stopped running other than that)

  • Did my fastest half-marathon (with six months of zero running beforehand)

  • Visited Kyushu and soaked in sulfur baths before taking a ferry to a volcano and climbing n dinosaurs

  • Cut my own hair

  • Read some books

  • Hosted my brother and his wife as well as my dad and his wife for Japan adventures

  • Probably other things...

In terms of actual things done in typical list format, I didn't do too many quote-unquote epic things this year, but it was a truly excellent year. All good times with good people.

I had an awesome year. My goals for next year are similar to Woody Guthrie's.


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