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2015 Was Okay

2015, oh man. Where do I start? At random, perhaps...

  • Came back from Ecuador a week and a half late because my passport and cash were stolen

  • Bought new tires and got the AT rebuilt for our Suzuki Kei

  • Went to the dentist and hospital (too many times)

  • Almost got 300000 yen seized

  • Went to Thailand

  • Went to Okinawa

  • Went to Shikoku

  • Went to Nagoya

  • Went to Kusatsu Onsen, Gifu

  • Went to Shibu Onsen, Nagano

  • Went to almost every beach on the Izu Peninsula

  • Made tons of sausages, bacon, and wood projects

  • Spent a day in Tokyo with George

  • Saw plum blossoms in Atami

  • Bathed in the sulfur baths of Kusatsu

  • Ran a 1/2 marathon

  • Drank under Cherry blossoms in Mishima Taisha and Kanogawa

  • Rode the Deer Train again

  • Snorkeled around Tokashikijima and watched the sunrise from a beach

  • Had Misokatsu, Chicken wings and Belgian beer in Nagoya

  • Went to a second belgian beer festival in Yokohama and hand-made marche

  • Re-covered my motorcycle seat

  • Hiked a mountain with Ikeya-san

  • Went to so many summer festivals

  • Crossed the world's longest wooden walking bridge at midnight during a lighting storm

  • Rode a Segway

  • Crossed an old samurai-escape bridge made of vines

  • Bathed in the riverside baths of Iya Valley

  • Bathed in the ancient Dōgo onsen.

  • Slept in bamboo huts, traditional wooden Japanese houses, luxurious hotels, funky artsy 100-year old rooms, and more.

  • I dunno. It was fun.


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