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2016 Was Okay

Ok, ok. Cool cool cool.

In 2016 I...

  • Watched the 1st sunrise from a mountain top

  • Ate raw wild boar and and deer on the coast, then jumped in the ocean (Jan. 1st)

  • Saw numerous izu shika

  • Went to Okinawa 2 times (Ishigaki and Miyakojima...8 islands)

  • Bought a wonderful Honda Airwave

  • Said goodbye to our beloved Suzuki Kei car

  • Camped too many times to count

  • Went to Noto Hanto for the morning market

  • Drove on a beach in Chirihama

  • Bathed in Kusatsu (again), Shirahone awanoyu), and many more

  • -Visited "old Japan" town Shirakawa

  • Snorkeled all around Izu peninsula

  • Made bacon, smoke boxes, sausages, bone broth, and more

  • Stayed in some cool AirBnB: muromachi, shimoda, and more

  • Took up homebrewing

  • Took a Japanese test and began formal study

  • Went to so many Japanese festivals and craft beer festivals

  • Went to Shimada Obi Masturi

  • Had a good time.


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