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2017 Was Okay

I mean, who knows? It doesn't really matter, and I don't care. 2017 seemed to be interesting. What did I do? I...

  • Watched the first sunrise from Jouyama (as usual)

  • Started Surfing (Surfed at least 50 days)

  • Drove a real rally car up a rocky twisty off-road course

  • Enjoyed January Plum blossoms in Atami

  • Learned basic Java

  • Did a speech in Japanese in front of a small crowd

  • Drove a Model S a bunch of times

  • Camped (sleeping in tent or car) a bunch of times

  • Got laser eye surgery in Korea

  • Made my very own beer from scratch several times

  • Hosted a Cherry Blossom Viewing Party

  • Hit the gym hard for about 4 months, haha

  • Bought a "sous-vide" machine, evolving my entire cooking game

  • Did a solo motorcycle-camping spirit journey 600μg

  • Went fishing a half dozen times

  • Continued the Izu English Running Club (80th Run, Dec. 2018)

  • Rented a house and hosted a Beach Party

  • Cracked a molar in half during a beach holiday

  • Had emergency dental surgery and returned surfing within the hour

  • Went to too many summer festivals to count

  • Went to the beach too many times to count

  • Cooked banana pancakes and avocado pancakes

  • Made my own Line Stickers

  • Wrote and Illustrated a picture book

  • Picked Chestnuts

  • Stopped drinking Caffeine

  • Experimented with 2 months alcohol-free

  • Went to Canada (Got rid of 4 bicycles, a motorcycle, and all my stuff)

  • Caught up with people after a 5 year gap in Canada

  • Bowled with Ana's sisters

  • Studied a lot of Japanese, read/wrote/spoke a lot, wrote a test (results pending).

  • Took-up skateboarding, finally

  • Probably more..

It was an awesome year. My goals for next year are similar to Woody Guthrie's.


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