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2019 Was Okay

What a year, let me tell you. A veritable roller-coaster one could say. Without order nor priority, formatted in such a way to be relatively legible, and generally grammatically correct, in 2019 here are some things I did.

  • Got rid of the wonderful Honda Airwave for an old Subaru Outback

  • Confirmed that said Outback can float, for a short distance, during floods

  • Experienced typhoon 19 with flooding and wind; evacuated though luckily had no damage

  • Did a cross-country solo trip along the Japan sea up to Akita by motorcycle and hammock

  • Made washi

  • Made traditional aizome tenugui (natural indigo died cloth)

  • Did yoga too many times to count

  • Surfed far too many times to count (now with sweet carves!)

  • Slammed a surfboard into my nose, fixing a years-long breathing problem an ENT couldn’t fix

  • Waited a grueling 12 weeks for my 8th one-year-visa in a row

  • Had over a dozen job interviews, several conducted fully in Japanese

  • Took a 240-hour Japanese for the workplace language course

  • Made a seasonal vegetable mini-farm

  • Toured with my mom around our area, stayed in a nice ryokan, had hanami under the sakura

  • Did some wild off-roading on Ana’s Benly 50cc (and later repairs)

  • Celebrated the 100th “Izu English Running Club” in August, then kinda stopped the club

  • Ran the "Minami Izu Trail Marathon," 20km that ends with onsen and ise-ebi soup

  • Had Influenza “Type A”, likely the most physically painful sickness I’ve ever had, coupled with 36 hours of something much worse than a very bad psychedelic trip.

  • Took “Xofluza", a miracle pill that literally stopped all flu symptoms within 6 hours, but destroyed all digestive functions for 2 weeks. Not recommended.

  • Had a fever brought on by stress that was also physically debilitating.

  • Joined and helped many hunting/butchering/skinning/sausage-making get-togethers (including Tochigi)

  • Continued to study for hunting/gun licensing tests

  • Built many new friendships with people from around the world, from Italy, India, Switzerland, Scotland, Brazil, China, Vietnam, and more.

  • Made a website for a local tourism company

  • Made an artistic rendition of my good friends to display at their wedding

  • Spilled an entire cup of coffee on my laptop as a “cherry on top” of some stressful times

  • Got a girl pregnant

  • Spent xmas day watching “A Christmas Story” from a hospital bed

  • It was an awesome year. My goals for next year are similar to Woody Guthrie's.


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