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2020 Was Okay

What a year this was, you know? Yeah, you know it. Wasn’t 2020 the year we’ve all been waiting for? Wonderful times.

Let’s get to it in a somewhat chronological, yet imperfectly ordered in terms of the time-space continuum, list of verbs conjugated to their most simplest of past-tense forms followed by more particulars.

-Had a kid

-Worked for 4 or 5 different companies before settling into just one. After 10 years in Japan, the first company to actually follow the labor laws and pay proper insurance

  • Finished the 240-hour “Japanese for the Workplace” class

  • Completed some online courses using Coursera, Edx and such

  • Sold Honda NC700x motorcycle

  • Found my old “spilled an entire cup of coffee on it” laptop, plugged it in: it works!

  • Didn’t travel anywhere at all

  • Wore a mask 8 hours a day for my job for 9 months

  • Perfected my chocolate-chip cookie recipe

  • Built my very first workbench, after using floors and kitchen tables for 20 years

  • Built a floor-to-ceiling tension supported wall mount for my TV

  • Built many little wooden things from chairs to toys

  • Drew quite a bit of random art and even tried watercolors

  • Learned how to use a sewing machine

  • Started a little local hiking club centered around hiking Moriyama

  • Broke my molar in half twice, got my teeth cleaned, and started to take my teeth seriously

  • Had a kidney stone (not recommended!)

  • Went to the beach a lot!

  • Salvaged a rad hand-carved bookshelf from the soon-to-be-demolished house

  • Perfected my fried rice after watching a Jimmy O. Yang youtube

  • Bought a rad used yellow couch

  • Got my 2008 Gary Fisher Rig single-speed back in commission

  • Hosted my mom for a wonderful 3 weeks in February

  • Fixed my beloved Subaru for way too much money (RIP crankshaft pulley)

  • Got approved to rent a house (after unsurprisingly being told “no foreigners” by some)

  • Made a bunch of silly digital art using sketchable

  • Got bronchitis as an early Christmas present

  • Delightedly watched my baby take her first steps, get her two front teeth (for Christmas!), any oh so many more delightful wonders

  • Surfed on December 31st and ate blueberry pie


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