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2022 Was Ok

Hey you, twenty-twenty-two. What a nice name for a year. We’re now deep enough in the “twenties” that we can start calling them the “twenties.” Maybe we could call these coming years the “Roaring “20s,” yeah, that has a nice ring to it.

Because we’re all about standards here, below in the approved ISO format, you can see that last year I…

  • Learned Python (along with pygame, django, bootstrap, plotly, matplotlib, and more libraries)

  • Made two simple games in Python

  • Almost completed course 7 of 7 in Google’s UX Certificate course

  • Almost learned to ride a unicycle (so close, check back in a month!)

  • Built some storage shelves for my woodworking room, finally completing the “dream shop”

  • Built a floor-to-ceiling-tension-held standing desk which is home to my first mechanical keyboard (click clack!)

  • Went back to Canada for the first time in half a decade. Consumed varying servings of nanaimo bars, espresso, brownies, green onion cakes, donairs, bánh mì, jalebi, various food from the Philippines, and other legal Canadian products.

  • Continued the now ultra famous totorotuesday project, now over 100 unique Totoros

  • Swam in the ocean countless times with our family, all adorned in wetsuits (even at 2.5 years old!)

  • Installed a “top tube seat” on my 2008 Gary Fisher Rig: the best upgrade so far, as the passenger has new found agency on direction, speed and destination as well as mid-ride conversations

  • Saw two sharks on the west coast while snorkeling in November (first sharks I’ve ever seen!)

  • Played with a giant stick-bug that my daughter’s friends found on her very first river-side bug hunt

  • Got back into mountain biking after an 11 year hiatus. Hiked up and rode down a half-dozen different mountains, rode the Olympic MTB course, almost finished building a brand new secret trail

  • Bought a 2018 fully rigid steel 27+ hardtail with hydraulic discs. Hands down, the most fun bicycle I’ve ever owned (Giant ATX 890, Kona Stuff, Giant AC, Giant Reign, Brodie Hellion, Giant Reign, Giant cyclo-cross something, Giant STP Lenosky, Giant Fixer, probably more…. Wow that’s a lot of giants)

  • Helped kickstart the fun Solarpunk Futures card game, which I recommend if you want a conversation based game (as opposed to luck or strategy)

  • Flew a kite, as did my daughter; she even blew on the high-in-the-sky kite to give it more lift (how awesome is that?)

  • Actually tried to take up running as I used to do, but it didn’t stick

  • Successfully pranked my wife by surprising her with a long-time friend visiting from overseas, as is tradition

  • Found my watch after not looking for nearly 3 years

  • Finished reading Yoshino’s “How do you live?” now officially Ghibli’s next movie (recommend!)

  • Hosted a Christmas party complete with boar curry, Mac and cheese, and capsule toys for all guests.

  • Spent 2 nights in kawane-honcho, relaxing in onsens, making mochi, and seeing the starriest night-sky in mainland Japan.

  • Surfed on December 27 with my lovely wife.

  • Forgot my favorite red jacket at the beach and came back 5 days later… it was still there!


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