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Projects: Work

Design a responsive website in Adobe XD for finding and viewing DIY tutorials.

In order to challenge personal biases, I chose a project that I am both passionate about and experienced with: DIY and tutorials. To empathize with users, the first and most crucial step, I found a range of interviewees as representative samples.

I interviewed them either through email or in-person. In-person recordings were made into transcripts using youtube's auto-subtitle function. It's quite accurate.

This is the design thinking process for this UX project.

  1. Interviewing

  2. Empathy mapping

  3. Creating personas, user stories and journey maps

  4. Defining the problem

  5. Creating a goal statement

  6. Hypothesizing

  7. Making a value proposition

  8. Ideating

  9. Auditing competitors

  10. Prototyping from low fidelity wire-frames to high fidelity prototypes

  11. Doing usability studies

  12. Iterating

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