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One Step at a Time

As a junior programmer, I recognize the significance of starting from the basics and building a solid foundation. I find great satisfaction in continuously developing my skills.

I have collaborated on open-source projects, I made an internal web app for a local development firm as an intern, and I am working on a project with event creators in the Japanese countryside.

As an educator, I have built exciting learning solutions using basic syntax, data
visualization, and simple games. I collaborate with multiple  stakeholders to inform project designs with confidence, ensuring that the end result includes readable and maintainable code.



Python Crash Course

Through self-study, I completed all chapter projects from the book “Python Crash Course” by Eric Matthes. I acquired a strong foundation in syntax and readability. I communicated directly with the author for troubleshooting a bug. I completed these three final projects:

-Alien Invasion (Pygame)

-Data Visualization (Matplolib, Plotly, API, JSON)

-Web Applications (Django, Shell, Bootstrap, Git, Heroku)


Interactive Text Adventure

This project included a range of challenges, from setting up a Python environment to compiling the Python code into a Windows executable file. I created character sheets with various functions and variables. I successfully imported necessary modules and interacted with the system, displaying text. I added character skills and created functions for story scenes and a choice mechanism. I also performed a skill check with a virtual die roll and developed a combat system which I then used to run  encounters with foes.

fiction game.png


Pengin Pi

After training and on-boarding, I created and modified modules for this project, communicating directly with the creator.

Pengin Pi is GPL3 licensed and is maintained and supported by Tobu Pengin and a hand picked community of interns and volunteers. The software is designed, by default, to be a docker containerized CRM, Customer Relationship Manager, with a lightweight and easily extended back-end with the makings of a decent ERP system.

Pengin-Pi on Github


Attendance Form

Interning for a local software development company, I created an internal web app in which staff input their out-of-office plans and details, which creates unique events in a single Google Calendar. This is using PHP with the Laravel Framework, Blade, Breeze authentication, Eloquent ORM, and Bootstrap.

Screenshot from 2023-09-11 08-34-42.png
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